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Tell Me What You Want (What You Really Really Want)

Posted on: January 6, 2017

2017 is here. My tax return is due, but I know before looking at the figures that I won’t have earned enough to be liable.

I had five good years (2009-2013) in erotica, but the last few have been thin indeed, and getting thinner. I flipped through Amazon’s top erotic titles yesterday, and very little appealed. The same half-dozen writers showed up over and over. The publishing houses that used to do such good work have closed or stopped accepting submissions. And the self-publishing market is overwhelmed with content, all fighting for limited reader attention.

It all combines to make a dispiriting, demotivating brew.

But I want to keep writing! I love it; it gives me life. Yet writing into the black hole of Amazon Kindle Direct has done nothing for my mental health. I need to know I’m making readers happy with what I write. I think I also need a commission of some kind – I’m much more prolific when I have a deadline/definite goal.

With that in mind, I’m throwing open the floor to you dear readers. What would you like me to write? Prompt me – feed me with scenarios.

Here’s a quick guide to my strengths, if you want to play to them.

I’m at my most comfortable and natural writing M/f kinky stuff. Happy to branch into F/F, M/F/M or M/M/F or more!

Genres I like are contemporary fiction, historical (particularly love this), fantasy, mildly speculative (not too heavy on the science, eek), gothic but not overly paranormal (think I just invented that genre).

Settings I’m confident with are mainly European (would love to venture out into Asia at some point, but I get bogged down in research if I go much further). Cities, palaces, villages, seaside hideaways or what you will.

Anyway, those are just for an idea. Hit me with your deepest desires and I’ll see what sticks.

(I figure this way, at least I get one reader.)

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5 Responses to "Tell Me What You Want (What You Really Really Want)"

How about trying out something steampunk. I think you’d be good at it!

Ah, now I started writing something for a steampunk call a few years back but it defeated me – think because I’m such an avid Victorianist, I found it hard to add things into the era, if you know what I mean. Definitely willing to give it another try though – loved Glass Books of the Dream Eaters and need to get my hands on the Penny Dreadful box set too.

Who invented “Gothic but not overly paranormal …” um, that would be du Maurier, and the Brontes before her, and Ms. Shelley before them! I enjoy your writing very much.

I’ve enjoyed reading your books. The Business of Pleasure was a particular favorite, I think because of the variety of stories. One thing I like is the strong bdsm theme of your books. The alpha male and HEA is fine, but when a book is touted as bdsm, I want it to be about bdsm even if it features an alpha male and a HEA. 😉

Paranormal adds a different dimension to the theme of bdsm. All things are possible because nothing is real. I hope you continue to write, I look forward to reading more of your work.

Great to hear from you, Tracey, and many thanks for the (much-needed) vote of confidence. In fact, I have a new book ready to go – a BDSM menage. Just trying to decide whether to submit it to a publisher or DIY it. Watch this space :).

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