The House of Elyot

Who I Am & What I Do

I am Justine Elyot. I love to write erotica and erotic romance. Elements you are likely to find in my work include: moustachioed melodrama villains, whips, wisecracks, knights in tarnished armour, damsels under duress, lovers, leather, aquiline features, references to popular songs. I massively overuse qualifiers like ‘really’, ‘quite’, ‘actually’ etc. and can’t resist the temptation to substitute long words for ‘said’. Reviewers either rave or cringe, with very little middle reactive ground (insert Marmite cliche here). Which will you do?

Words People Have Said About ‘On Demand’

It’s a fruity, frisky fun fest that has something for most tastes, and will get you horny in no time.” Lucy Felthouse

“She’s written a perfectly erotic book, and yet somehow allowed in romantic elements that don’t lessen the impact of that eroticism.” Charlotte Stein

“As another reviewer has noted, one of the great things about this brilliantly crafted erotic package is its clever use of continuity to link a collection of stories. The result here is the best of both worlds: while each item brings the satisfying reading experience of a self-contained tale that scoops us up, takes us for a super-sexy ride, and deposits us back on terra firma some twenty pages later, our overall investment in the individual characters and the community they collectively represent gradually builds, as it does in a conventional novel.” Jeremy Edwards

“Justine Elyot’s story-telling is controlled, measured and manages to balance a practical British realism with enough erotic imagination to make the story sing.” Ashley Lister, Erotica Readers and Writers Association

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I enjoy You and Yrs. I adore Yr Verb¡
Kisses and Blessed be¡

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