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I sometimes try and categorise my work (or tag it, I suppose) according to its predominant theme. The same ones tend to crop up a lot – for me, it’s very much M/f BDSM, but various other kinks muscle in for their moment in the spotlight here and there.

In Advanced Corsetry, the theme is as above, with a dominant older woman (the lesbian corsetiere) thrown in. But just as important – if not more so –  is the garment itself. Sexy underwear is one of my favourite things to write about, particularly with enhancements of the kind mentioned in the story. I often spend an idle half hour browsing lingerie sites – the more expensive and blatantly ‘made for sex’ the better. Little bits and pieces like this…

…beg for a story to be written about them.

I’m interested to hear about other stories inspired by particular items of underwear. Can anyone recommend any – by themselves or others? Let me know – and link, if you like – in the comments.

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