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Under Saxonhurst’s Spell

Posted on: May 26, 2017

I have republished the third of my regained Xcite titles, but this time I have done it differently.

Saxonhurst Secrets was released in September 2011, but it never sold as well as the previous two titles. I think part of that was the more niche genre, and another the rather vague title, so I decided to change it.

The new title, Under Her Spell, makes it clear that there are paranormal elements and a strong female lead. In fact, the character of the book is something of a departure for me at that time, in that it wasn’t a specifically kinky BDSM read, and it actually had a plot (my first two books were essentially linked short story collections, and my third, Meeting Her Match, was more episodic than structured). Another big difference is that the ‘hero’ is a deeply repressed virgin – a clergyman struggling to fight the temptations of the flesh that assail him constantly in his depraved new parish.

It’s a kind of homage to one of my favourite films, The Wicker Man. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t end as horrifically! On re-reading, I enjoyed its quirkiness, my poor confused Adam, and the two strong but opposing female leads.

I didn’t enjoy its bad home-made cover, but alas, my Paypal account has run almost dry and I can’t afford schmancy cover art any more.

So, if you can ignore that, and you enjoy a tale of pastoral debauchery with paranormal elements, you might dig this.

1 Response to "Under Saxonhurst’s Spell"

Just wanted to tell you that I’m reading most of your works now and I love it ! I just discovered Princess in Chains and I particularly like it, even though it’s less erotic than usually. I’ll keep reading any new works of yours. Good luck and don’t get discouraged, you have some faithful readers out there !

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