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I Hate It When A Plan Doesn’t Come Together

Posted on: June 22, 2016

I thought I’d decided my next step – having heard about people who make a decent income from Kindle erotica, it seemed something worth trying.

Then I looked into it a bit further and found Kindle Unlimited has unlimited problems. Books being withdrawn, accounts shut down for activity the author has no control over, and the whole dodgy ‘pay per page view’ premise is giving me pause. The whole point of self-publishing for me is to avoid being at the mercy of other forces.

But on the other hand, it seems that you can’t earn any money without recourse to Amazon. So I’m back to pondering…

3 Responses to "I Hate It When A Plan Doesn’t Come Together"

The biggest problem with KU is the fact that it further devalues writing to readers. It shouldn’t be an all you can eat buffet where authors are thankful for pennies in recompense. Subscription services, perma-free, and big boxed sets for 99¢ means a realistic price for the author is now scoffed at by readers…and do not even get me started on losses from digital piracy.s

This is the problem, Sessha. The scene is just so bleak at the moment though that there’s very little alternative if you just want to get your writing out there.

You can go wide (including Amazon, just not exclusively or on the KU subscription service). You can build a fan base. You can write the next book…it isn’t all roses, but it doesn’t mean it is hopeless.

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