The House of Elyot

The Interview

Posted on: April 23, 2016

Here’s the opening of my story from The AffairThe Interview.

‘If he is late, I won’t even consider him.  I put up with enough blasted lateness in my working life; I refuse to countenance it in my private life as well.’


My husband’s irascible remarks are premature; it is still only five minutes to three.  Our candidate might be cutting things a little fine, but there is time enough to park a car and cross the gravel drive to the front door before the deadline.


I take my final chance to cast a critical eye over the photographs that came with the application, though perhaps ‘critical’ is not the mot juste.  The man who has beaten the competition to reach this final stage of the selection process is breathtaking to behold.  A shot of his face in half-profile, catching the exact diagonal of his cheekbone, the outline of his rather splendid nose and a flash of devilment in his eyes reveals nothing to disappoint except lips that might be a little fuller.  But then, who wants perfection?  My husband, I suppose, but he is a peculiar animal altogether.


The accompanying photographs of his taut upper torso, thumbs hooked into the waistband of his jeans, and the full body shot in black and white, please my less exacting eye.  Isn’t there some theory about the relative proportions of noses and, you know, downstairs equipment.  I can hear my husband’s voice in my head, chiding me for that turn of phrase.  ‘Call a spade a spade, Jacqueline.  And a cock a cock.’


That is what all this is about.  Breaking the inhibition barrier that has proven so troublesome to our bedroom life.  Perhaps it’s an unconventional approach, but Ralph Watson-James is an unconventional man.


I realised after posting yesterday that I forgot to provide a link to the Amazon page for The Affair, so here it is.

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