The House of Elyot

Ultimate Decadence

Posted on: April 13, 2016

My third published story came about very quickly and in a non-standard manner.

The news about Black Lace closing at the end of 2009 had been a source of much commiseration and regret on social media; for a new kid on the block like me, it probably assumed a disproportionate significance. I had no links to any other publishers and no ideas about where to submit my work in the future.

Along came the sugar plum fairy, in the form of Kristina Lloyd, who tipped me the wink about a charity anthology being edited by her friend Emily Dubberley. She was on the look out for submissions – perhaps I could give it a go? So I did, and wrote the story Blind Man’s Buff at an even faster rate of words per minute than Advanced Corsetry, since the deadline was just about upon me.

Happily, it was accepted and the anthology, Ultimate Decadence, came out no more than a couple of months later. This seemed like a whirlwind, given the six  month lead-time between acceptance and publication at Black Lace, but sure enough, by the end of September 2009, Xcite Books sent me a paperback copy of this lovely number.

Proceeds from the book’s sale went to McMillan Cancer Support, and it had a funny foreword by Mil Millington, whose ‘Things My Girlfriend And I Argue About’ column I’d read in The Guardian every Saturday. I was in a book with a foreword! It all seemed terribly glamorous – especially when I saw who was in the book with me.

Vignettes by Poppy Winters, Kitty Meadows, Daphne Bing, Marcelle Perks, Emily Dubberley, Suzanne Portnoy & Simon Morgan, Wersha Bharadwa, Miranda Forbes, MonMouth, Jeremy Edwards, Elizabeth K Payne, Lauren Wissot, Donna George Storey, Paris Orsini, Jennifer Dark, Karen Krizanovich, Laura Godman, Madeline Moore, Elizabeth Coldwell, Josephine Jay, Sarah Berry, Adam Sawyer, Mark Farley, Mistress Grace, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Angel O’Neill, Sarah-Louise Young, Maxim Jakubowski and Henrietta Maddox could all be found within.

Sadly the book is now out of print, although you can pick up secondhand copies on Amazon. It was my first story with Xcite and also my first time in a book with (gasp) a man!!

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