The House of Elyot

Advanced Corsetry: An Excerpt

Posted on: April 5, 2016

I fell into this business unintentionally.  I started out as an enthusiastic amateur, became a connoisseur and now I am proud to call myself a master – or mistress, I suppose – corsetière.  If you ever want to talk busks, fan-lacing, whalebone or the respective merits of under-and-over bust models, I could be your woman.

Of course, should you choose to engage me in conversation on this subject, I must warn you that certain assumptions may be made regarding your personal preferences.  These days we get our share of trendy young things surfing the wave of the burlesque revival, but our traditional customer has more personal reasons for favouring this most retro-chic of foundation garments.

Few people are better-placed than I to appreciate the allure of the corset; her restrictive embrace, her provocative display of the finer feminine features, her fetishistic cross-lacing.  You cannot ever forget you are wearing one; like an insatiable lover, she demands your full attention.

This is why I often find myself measuring and fitting women who want a little more than the traditional ribboned satin or silk.  I have requests for custom-made pieces in rubber, latex or leather; others require additional features, such as delicate chains crossing the breasts, or linking the front and back of the garment between the thighs.  One customer even emailed me to request that I add a harness-like leather construction connecting the panels, which could run between the thighs and up the cleft of the buttocks, and to which could be attached various phallic objects.  I wish she could have summoned the nerve to request this of me face to face; I always had a feeling we may have hit it off.

I thought, then, I had heard every outré suggestion possible: corsets for fetish balls, corsets for waist restriction, corsets for the bedroom, corsets for lovers of Victorian kink.

As it turned out, however, things could, and did, get more decadent still.

Find out how in the Black Lace anthology Liaisons.

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