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Advanced Corsetry

Posted on: April 4, 2016

My first published story was in a Black Lace anthology called Liaisons.

My approach to getting published was very haphazard; I did hardly any research and the only specialist publisher I’d heard of was Black Lace (thanks to their excellent stable of authors, and being on the top shelf of every railway station bookshop concession – I’ve spent a lot of time in railway station bookshop concessions) so they were the ones I gunned for.

I sent something to them on spec. It was the first few pages of Lecture Notes, a novel that had been extremely popular on an online story archive the year before. I had to go to a local internet coffee shop to print the pages out, as I didn’t have a printer at that time, and I well remember the excited, fluttery feeling as I gathered them up (making sure nobody else in the shop saw!) Am I really going to do this?

I did it – and the book was rejected.

However, I was encouraged to write something for their most recent short story calls, and I got right down to it. I had to, as the first deadline was about a week away. I wrote Advanced Corsetry in about four days and sent it straight off, thinking it stood no chance.

How wrong I was – it was accepted and appeared in the Liaisons anthology, alongside stories by such amazing writers as Janine Ashbless, ADR Forte, Primula Bond, Charlotte Stein, Alison Tyler, Kristina Wright, KD Grace, Sommer Marsden, Carrie Williams, Mae Nixon and Portia Da Costa. Wow. Just reading that list back has reminded me what a powerhouse of talent the label was back then.

I love Advanced Corsetry; it’s still one of my personal favourites. Perhaps the pressure I was under to produce it in such a short time cast a spell, or perhaps they were just less self-edited times.

I’ll post an excerpt from it tomorrow.

In the meantime, the Liaisons collection is still available from Amazon, and so is the Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica Volume 10, in which is also features.

Liaisons (Black Lace) 0, Lindsay Gordon, K. D. Grace

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