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Posted on: April 10, 2011

There’s something extra-specially appealing in the realm of fantasy about a threesome. And writing about threesomes is lovely – you can choreograph them just exactly as you think they should go, glossing over the bumping body parts and rudely awakened insecurities a real threesome might involve.

So I was delighted to receive my contributor copy of the latest Xcite anthology, Threesome: When One Lover Is Not Enough. I’ve been flipping through its pages and finding a plethora of different angles and takes on the menage experience.

Stories by Thomas S Roche ; Lana Fox ; Malin James ; Josephine Myles ; Sommer Marsden ; Emma Richardson ; Darla White ; Elizabeth Coldwell ; Alcamia Payne ; Kay Jaybee ; Rachel Kramer Bussel ; Giselle Renarde ; Angela Caperton ; Richard Hiscock ; Charlotte Stein ; Leslie Lee Sanders ; Heidi Champa ; Josie Jordan and Jean-Philippe Aubourg are  your guarantee of quality.

If you still think three’s a crowd, try a taster of my story, Belonging.

I return the salver to the kitchen, make sure nothing is burning or overboiling, then I present myself in the ‘parlour’ – the living room on less formal nights.  Danni is reclining cross-legged in her favourite armchair, listening to the ice cubes clink in her gin, but Paul’s dominating presence radiates from the centre of the room. He has his Master of the House face on.  I stand as expected, spine straight, head slightly bowed, hands clasped behind back.

‘Face,’ he says, and I look up.  His fingers cup my chin while he scrutinises my maquillage – sweeping eyelashes, scarlet lips.  He runs a smooth hand along my smoother hairline, following it to where it disappears into a bun whose severity is dissipated by the frippery of white lace ribbons that trail down from it.

‘Good.’  He turns attention to my sheer white blouse, undoing the top pearl button, all the better to plunge his hand into my cleavage and check that I am wearing regulation underwear.  The cupless rubber basque is breathtakingy tight, and obviously he would have seen my rouged nipples through the whisper-thin fabric of my blouse, so you could argue that this is an unnecessary formality.  If you dared argue with Paul, that is.  I wouldn’t.

I gasp when he pinches each nipple then exhale at the withdrawal of his hand.

‘Good.  Now lift your skirt, please.’

I hitch it to the waist and stand silently while he casts his eye over my nude shaved pussy and white thighs, contrasting with the black suspender straps that dig into them.  At a wave of his hand, I turn to display my bared bottom.  No knickers is a rule that does not only apply to nights like this.  I am forbidden to wear them in any other than emergency circumstances.

‘Yes, that seems to be perfectly in order, Slutworth.  Now take yourself over to your Mistress, for closer examination.’

The heels I totter over on are high and slim, but I manage to maintain the correct posture until I arrive at Danni’s negligently crossed legs.  She puts down her gin, leans forward and casts a sharp eye over my pubic triangle.

‘Spread those legs, Slutworth,’ she commands icily.  I position my feet wide apart, still holding up my skirt, awaiting the crowning moment of my inspection.

Her hand snatches at me and I feel the perfect polished ovals of her fingernails glide along my labia before she tests the size and protrusion of my clitoris with the pads of two fingers.

‘She’s very wet, Paul.  Dripping wet, in fact.’  Danni swishes around in my private places – though I am not supposed to think of them as private any more – until her fingers are thoroughly coated with my juices, which I am then made to lick off.

‘Disgusting little slut,’ she croons, smiling at me, her brilliant blue eyes narrow as a cat’s.  ‘Turn around and face Paul.’

I do so, then I feel her press her knuckles into my slit, hard against my clit.

‘Ride them, Slutworth, while I prepare your back passage.’


4 Responses to "Menagerie"

Nng. Jesus, Justine 🙂

It’s not the mild stuff :D.

Would love to read more!

Thank you, Mara! As well as the print Threesome book, the story is available in a five-story ebook format called The Favour – here’s a buy link:

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