The House of Elyot

1888 Part 14

Posted on: April 8, 2011

Just for this month, I’ll be updating this story on a Friday instead of a Wednesday.

When the temperature in the glass dipped so very low, there was nothing else for it in Vyvyan Stanford’s lowly garret but to draw a blisteringly hot bath and retire there until it was time to burrow beneath the covers.


Jessie was sitting on a cushion by the hearth, watching a fresh pot of water heating over the coals, half-oblivious of her lover watching her from the claw-footed tub.  She always preferred to wait for the water to cool a little, having delicate skin that burned easily.  She would pour in this new pot and then join Vyvyan when the clouds of steam abated a little.


“Why so pensive?” Vyvyan sank down to shoulder level, feeling his head grow heavy as his dark locks were submerged.  The glow of the fire gave vivid life to Jessie’s burnished mane, but her face was closed and pale.


“Oh…”  she startled back into reality.  “I find I have a great deal on my mind of late, love.  But at least we can afford this coal now.”


“Jess, you do not have to do this…you do not have to prostitute yourself for my sake.  There are other ways, I am sure…”


“It isn’t prostitution, love.  I have not taken off a stitch of clothing.  Old men take me out for supper.  The most they do is put a hand on my thigh.  Then I tell them I’m not that kind of girl.  If that’s what they want, they can find it down any back alley.  They like that, Vyv.  They think it’s a challenge, so they ask me out again.  They buy me things…we’ve got this fire because I was able to pawn a beautiful jet bracelet today.  What’s wrong with that?”


“I can only repeat the question, then.  Why so pensive?”


“Oh, this and that.”  Jessie smiled at him, heaved the copper pot off the fire and carried it carefully over to the bath.  “Last one,” she warned and poured it with a terrific splash into the tub, almost disappearing for long seconds into clouds of vapour.


“Come in now, Jess,” wheedled Vyvyan.  “It’s not so hot that you can’t bear it.  Come on, I’m lonely here on my own.”


Jess grinned at his puppy-dog eyes, shrugged off her woollen robe to reveal splendid statuesque nudity and dipped a toe into the water, grimacing slightly at the scalding heat.  “How can you endure this?” she wondered, then she shrieked as Vyvyan rose up like a sea monster from the depths, grabbing her around the waist and tipping her into the bath so that the water crashed and spilled over the side, pooling and seeping into the floorboards.


“No!” she screamed.  “It’s too hot!  And you’ll flood us out!”  But soon enough she was giggling and kissing, slithering wetly against her lover’s tightly muscled body.


“I must insist that you tell me,” murmured Vyvyan into her reddened ear.  “What is preying on your mind?”


Jessie sighed and lay back against him, sitting between his thighs and resting her head against his shoulder.


“I have been summoned to see a new client – a rich one, I think.  I am to meet him upstairs at Swanson’s on Wednesday next.  It is the first time I have had to meet a gentleman in a private room and it unnerves me a little.”


Vyvyan thought about this for a while, his wrinkling fingers playing idly with Jessie’s waterlogged breasts.


“Would you like me to accompany you?  Perhaps I could take the room next door – if anything untoward should occur, you will know you can come to me.”


“Oh yes, love, that would put my mind at rest.”  Jessie twisted her face around to plant a kiss on the side of his neck.  “I do not know this gentleman at all; I had a note from his manservant after last night’s performance, but it gave neither his name nor his intention – just the time, date and location of the rendezvous.”


“Most intriguing,” commented Vyvyan.  “Perhaps a King is violently in love with you.”


Jessie laughed, then grew serious again.  “Speaking of violent love…do you think Alex is quite…sincere in his intentions towards my Florence?”


“He certainly seems so.  You haven’t seen the reams of poetry he has written on the subject of her limpid eyes and capricious favours, have you?  She is quite the Muse; I fear Shakespeare’s Dark Lady has a rival.”


“I suppose you are right.  But it seems out of character for Alex.  He has always seemed so sensible and self-possessed.”


“But he is a poet, after all, Jess.  They are not a breed noted for their emotional rationality.”


“Hmmm.  I just wonder.  Florence is a sweet girl, but she is naïve, even gullible.  Where does his money come from?”


Vyvyan sat up straight, displacing water so that it rippled around them in waves.


“You suspect him of a financial motive?  Jess!  I am surprised at you!  Are you jealous?”


“No, of course not!  But he has never told us anything about his family or his fortune.  Is he living beyond his means and now needs an heiress?”


Vyvyan shook his head.  “How cynical you are, Jessica.”


“Not a cynic, love, just a realist,” pouted Jess.  “Ah, now, don’t look at me like that.  It was just a thought…see, I will dismiss it…thus!”  She skimmed a hand through the water and shuffled round to half-face her head-shaking beloved.  “I do love to see you like this – so hot and dishevelled, with the water droplets beading over your skin.”


She ran a hand up his chest, through the damp and matted hair, kissing along the trail it left.  Reaching the hollow of his throat, she chuckled deeply at the sound vibrating against her nose from his adams apple and then she squeaked in triumph at the evaporation of his self-control when he placed his hands beneath her armpits and hauled her up to fasten his lips to hers.


Like two slippery creatures of the deep they writhed against each other, their bodies making slapping, sucking sounds, sometimes sticking together, sometimes sliding frictionlessly.  Vyvyan squeezed the cheeks of her bottom, pulling her into position above his cock, which floated up to crest the water like a fleshy periscope, only to be enveloped and hidden inside Jessie’s depths of darkness.  Together they rocked and bounced, heedless of the water splashing and staining those worn boards, laughing when Jessie’s nipples brushed Vyvyan’s face, banging knees and spines against the hard enamel, heating up and up until the droplets on their skin were only perspiration while the bathwater cooled to lukewarm.


Then Jessie shouted out, burying her face in Vyvyan’s neck and biting down, which precipitated his own climax, swirling his seed into the wetness to mingle there until it softened and joined with the other fluids in the bathtub.


Gasping and sated, like a pair of beached merfolk in the shallows, Jessie and Vyvyan lay in each others’ arms and clung to each other for dear life.



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They’re a lovely couple!

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