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H.C. is in da House

Posted on: April 6, 2011


I’m delighted to welcome my second guest in the Noble Romance Authors Blog Tour – the prolific and multi-published H.C. Brown. Give her a warm welcome and don’t forget to comment if you want to be in the running for a plethora of prizes.

  1. Welcome to the blog – can you tell me a little bit about how you came to be a Noble author?

HC. I was so very fortunate Jill Noble took the first story I submitted. I didn’t write erotic romance, she loved my story and asked me to spice it up. I did and here we are 17 books later J


  1. My theme for 2011 is music. Is music important to you in your life and your writing?

H.C. I could not write romance without music. At present, my Muse loves Adam Lambert or Savage Garden


  1. Do you have a song that sums up the situation or relationships of any of your characters?

H.C. No not really, a little of all I listen to really.

  1. Do you listen to music while you write? Or have you ever been inspired by a piece of music to write a story?

H.C. Dominate Me (Floggers’ Holiday Sale) came after seeing the film clip Ā ‘For Your Entertainment’ all that leather and whips . . . whew.

  1. What songs do you consider especially romantic?

H.C. Truly Madly Completely- Savage Garden.


  1. What songs get you in a sexy mood?


H.C. I’m always in a sexy mood J

Everything is going well for badass dom, Nash Mage, and his sweet sub, Paul, until Nash does a favor for Rio, the owner of Floggers’ BDSM Club.

Expecting Paul to trust him implicitly, Nash’s world falls apart when he finds his confused, innocent sub in the arms of his nemesis, Frank. Teetering on the edge of sanity and out of control, Nash is looking for revenge.

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You can find H.C. Brown here:



Next blog: – Don’t forget to visit Gianna’s place for the next stop.


15 Responses to "H.C. is in da House"

Enjoyed your interview, how music plays a big part of your writing and your life

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Yes it’s funny how the lyrics of a song can be enough to fuel an entire series šŸ™‚


Another fab interview! This tour is fab šŸ™‚

lucy (at) lucyfelthouse (dot) co (dot) uk

Well stick with it. We have heaps of good stuff to give away.

next week the tour is on 12 & 13 April.

Glad you came along šŸ™‚

17 books!

I uh…I gotta go type something.

I’ll see you later.

Oh…um…great interview.

::ambles away, not feeling at ALL inferior.::


A friend of mine is quite prolific, too. She’s got a release every month, sometimes two. I’m seriously envious.

All my best wishes for your continued success!
Allure Van Sanz

Thank you šŸ™‚ Mind you Stormy Glenn writes much faster than I do she has written 9000 words in one sitting. me…2000 is my daily target.

Better get back to work.


I agree with the lyrics – if you find the right ones – you have yourself a plot. Great interview!

And you find them in every type of music. In the car on the radio a short piece of music and wham there is a plot.


I love your avatar and am impressed with your 17 books.

That avatar came about because of a story. One night I was out with my husband and a tall skinny blonde with big bazookas came over, she was in publicity or something for my husband’s art show . She looked down her nose at me and asked what I did for a living. I told her I was a dungeon mistress. LOL it kinda stuck.


Flogger’s is in my Kindle just waiting to queu up.

I’ve read some of your work already and would love to read more!

Andrea 1 came out the hat first.

Adrea you win a copy of one of my e-books


It is true that music is such a creative source. It can bring about such magic and I love the way it touches people in so many ways.
Thank you for sharing your world with us…*S*
Thank you!

pommawolf @ hotmail dot come

My daughter’s passion is music and I have been blessed that she has shrared that love with me since she ws a child. She runs her own website and she supports the artist in their fight to keep the rights to their music…
I get to listen to some awesome bands and artist. be young again to the concert scene again…*S*
WE get few real good bands and performers this far north, but we keep trying…*S*


pommawolf @ hotmail dot com

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