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April is the Bloggiest Month

Posted on: April 3, 2011

April is here, and that means the culmination of months of fervent behind-the-scenes organising by nine Noble Romance authors – including me. The Noble Romance Authors Blog Tour begins on Tuesday, and it’s well worth following because…

  • You can read interviews and articles by Cherie de Sues, H C Brown, Bianca Sommerland, Indigo Skye, Sarah Ballance, Gianna Simone, J S Wayne, Mindy McKay and me every Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the month.
  • Each author is offering a prize to a selected commenter with every post they write (in my case, a copy of The Choirmaster, but there is all kinds of other swag).
  • Each week, extra prizes of $20 Amazon and AllRomance vouchers are up for grabs.
  • At the end of the tour, those who have followed are entered for a grand draw of an Eden Fantasys voucher worth a lot of money, though I can’t remember exactly how much.
  • Also available is an exclusive anthology, Red Roses and Shattered Glass, featuring stories from six of the Noble Authors, including me. Isn’t it lush?

My own story in this lavish piece of decadence is called Consorting, and I have a preview for you here:

“Your Majesty,” he said, bowing so low he almost fell forward. “I trust my gift pleases you.”

“Not bad,” said the Queen, running her hands over the tiny pinpoints at her breasts and groin. “Highly inventive, I must say. Your jewellers are worth their weight in gold.” She giggled at her own joke. Jovan joined in, rather falsely.

“Oh, yes, they are, Your Majesty, and all this wealth could be at your disposal, if I please you today.”

“Ah, yes, you were going to please me, weren’t you? Enchanted hands, wasn’t it?”

Jovan held up the items in question, their fingers long and white and glittering with jewelled rings.

“These exist solely for your pleasure, Your Majesty,” said Jovan, performing extravagant ballet moves with his arms. “Step forward, precious lady, and allow me to demonstrate.”

Precious lady. He pays the nicest compliments. Lucasta came into his range, stepping nearer until their toes touched and her mouth almost brushed his ruffled lace collar. The Prince’s arms flexed around her, and at the place where the hands landed – just beneath her armpits, she felt a throb of instant bliss.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, burrowing against Jovan’s chest and clinging on to him for support. “Enchanting!”

“I should say the same thing,” he whispered into her ear. “You and I will complement each other. We are beautiful, tasteful and cultured. I will be an ornament to your court and an adornment for your arm.”

“Oh,” said Lucasta, who was a little bemused by Jovan’s enthusiastic self-objectification. “But what of love?”

“Love? Let me show you.”

Pulsating handprints of ecstasy covered Lucasta’s body, heating her skin until it was pink, sending its messages of arousal and lust to her blossoming clit. The diamonds began to feel sharp and unpleasant against her tender flesh and she wriggled a little, wanting to divest herself of the elaborate costume and treat her covered parts to the magic of Jovan’s hands.

“Undress me,” she murmured, lifting a leg and hooking it around his hip, pressing her crotch against the princely bulge in his silky britches. “Lay your hands on my nakedness.”

Jovan slipped the golden straps down her arms and let the close-fitting bodysuit jingle down her legs, leaving the Queen royally nude and craving more of his touch. She leant backwards on the card table, opening her thighs, thrusting up her breasts, her face contorted with lustful greed.

“Touch them! Do it!”

The magic hands descended on her breasts, rendering the nipples stiffer and more engorged than Lucasta could ever remember them. She began to wail, gyrating her hips, rubbing her legs up and down Jovan’s well-made thighs, reaching forward to release him from his britches.

“Lower, lower,” she panted, feeling the fingers trace hot paths of flame up her inner thighs and then find her innermost place, thumbs braced at her outer lips, ready to cast their spell on her. One pad pressed into her clit and two fingers presented themselves at the entrance of her virginal channel, ready to enchant it, ready to enslave her.

Enslavement!? That isn’t what I want! If he penetrates me, I will be undone.

Fancy reading on? Then follow the tour for chances to win, or instructions for how to buy. All the relevant info is here at the Blog Tour Blog:



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Have fun with the blog tour!

Consorting sounds hilariously fun 🙂

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