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Do You Want To Win?

Posted on: February 13, 2011

Well, do you? A Valentine’s Day present could be yours, because I’m giving away three copies of my operatically-themed erotic romance novella Sempre to randomly selected commenters. Just tell me which Italian city you’d most like to visit for a chance to win this man. OK, you don’t win the man. But you win a story about him – almost as good, eh?

To go with the contest, here is Cavaradossi’s lament from the dungeon cell in act three of Tosca – a song that can always be relied on to make me cry.


And tomorrow I have something really special for you – a fabulously musical and erotic-romantic celebration of Rachel Randall’s Valentine’s Day release at Total E-Bound. Miss it at your peril!

9 Responses to "Do You Want To Win?"

You’ve lured me here with the promise of hot opera.


My friends won the costume contest there during Carnival last year, and their pictures were amazing! Plus, I’m dying to visit the Murano glass shops…

Firenze/Florence for me. I spent some months in Toscana, and trips to Firenze formed some happy memories.

Most of them, but I’ll start with Venice. (Which, hot as your cover model is, I’d rather visit with the DH.)

Has to be Rome. So many fond, romantic memories of the place! Yep! Rome.


Rome for me too! Your book sounds fascinating. And the man is, of course, yummy indeed.

Is the contest over? Not sure… but I’d like to visit the Amalfi coast, if that counts as a city… and Venice during Carnevale.

Thank you to everyone for coming over and commenting – I’d love to visit ALL those places, and more, and I hope you all get the opportunity one day.

Winners of the book are both the Teresas and Raymond!

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