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Mi Amore

Posted on: February 6, 2011

With Valentine’s Day creeping up on us, the time has come for Total E-Bound to release its collection of themed short stories, Mi Amore. The theme, as the title might imply, is Italy. When I read the call for submissions, I jumped at the chance to write about something I have adored since I was twelve – opera.

I always find it amusing that opera is regarded as a highbrow and rarefied art, because so much of opera is about sex. Tosca, the Puccini work that provides the structure of my story Sempre has been described by one eminent musicologist as a ‘shabby little shocker’ – and it is true that the political message of the Sardou play it was based upon is largely lost in the passion and melodrama of the plot. But I write erotic romance, so passion and melodrama are where it’s at. Of course I’m going to love opera.

Though the background picture is of Venice, my story is set, like Tosca, in Rome (the hero looks a lot like that dude though…) Here is a snippet:

“Beneath the shadow of the battlements, in the obscurity of gathering night, Luca and Julia’s lips met, sealing their promise to one another. Ignoring the hard stone ground, they fell together, full-length on the floor, faces in hands, legs between legs, hearts bumping up against each other.

The Castell was deserted now, the tourist crowds having drifted off for pasta and nightlife. Luca and Julia, forgotten by the guards, took the chance of that last crumb of comfort before their worlds had to change.

Just for tonight, thought Julia, let us be together.

The passion of their kisses intensified until they were like one conjoined being, twisting and panting in coils on the ground, pressing and kneading its four hands wherever it found free flesh.

Luca pulled Julia up from their position on the bruising stone and flattened her against the battlement once more, standing between her and the open terrace, covering her from sight of any onlookers.

“We are alone here,” he whispered, his hand finding the torn shred of her dress, reaching inside to stroke along the line of her bra cup.

“Luca!” Julia was appalled and exhilarated at his implication, heat and wetness flooding her knickers at the thought. “Not here!”

“Why not here?” he asked, his other hand finding its way beneath her skirt, drawn upwards toward that burgeoning heat source. “Don’t you want to?”

“I…oh God, Luca…” His hand was patting the damp spot between her legs, rubbing the soft cotton until it clung to every crease of her lips and clit. Her capacity for word formation fled, leaving her a sighing, melting mess in his hands.

“I think you do want to,” he laughed gently. His fingers slid inside the material, dipping into the honeyed floods they found there. “Come on…Tosca and Cavaradossi would have done it. We have their passion, don’t we?”

“Mmm,” moaned Julia, swivelling her hips to push herself further on to his touch. His mouth and nose fitted snugly in the hollow between shoulder and neck, and he devoured the tender skin he found there, nipping and sucking at it while he continued to work his fingers between her pussy lips until she was helpless, unable to resist his delicious onslaught.

“Stand on the step,” commanded Luca, helping her up on to a raised flagstone so that her height roughly equalled his. He hoisted one of her legs up, positioning it so that it wrapped around the hollow of his back. Now, when he pulled the panties aside, Julia’s pussy rubbed against his swollen crotch while her mouth was the perfect height for grabbing kisses at will.

Julia circled the hard protrusion slowly, while Luca worked swiftly to unbelt and unbutton himself. Before his trousers fell to his knees, he grabbed the condom wrapper from his pocket and tore it open with eager white teeth, sheathing himself with urgent skill.

“Open up for me, Julia,” he hissed, and she hooked her leg tighter around him, bringing him home to the safe harbour of her widespread lower lips and the narrow channel beyond. He edged inside, careful not to slam her back into the Roman stone, then he took hold of her hips and guided himself to the hilt, groaning ecstatically once he was fully enclosed. Julia looked past his dark head to the stars above, tightened her arms about his neck and contracted her muscles around him, holding him there, wanting to keep him there, safe and hers, for as long as was possible.

But Luca was not going to stay still for long. His upper body was trembling already and his forehead glistened. He pulled back and then surged forward with a gasp of pleasure which Julia echoed. The pace was slow and careful, as it had to be with such a strong possibility of injury or discovery, but Julia found that the twin stimuli of the open air and their sweeping need for one another compensated for fast and furious speed.

Luca took her patiently and considerately, making sure that he stroked all the right spots, letting her sensation build without hurry. Julia nestled into him, absorbing the love and the tenderness, wanting to remember how they felt forever.

She came strongly and sweetly, clutching and unclutching his hair. When Luca came inside her, he tensed for a moment, then let out a long gasp of air, kissing her face and neck. They remained locked together, swaying in each other’s arms, letting the distant traffic noises envelop them, feeling small in the enormity of the Roman night, but knowing that they had the most important thing in the world just there.

“Is this a private fuck or can anyone join in?”

Julia screamed into Luca’s neck, hiding her face in his shirt collar, feeling his neck twist around to pinpoint the interloper.

“Gianfranco,” she heard him say. “Why aren’t I surprised?””

The book is available from tomorrow at the Total E-Bound website. Grab yourself something hot and Italian for Valentine’s Day. In the meantime, here is some of the beautiful music mentioned in the story.

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