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Preaching to the Choir

Posted on: January 9, 2011

Just so I have an excuse to show off my lovely, pretty cover again, I’m going to give away three PDF copies of The Choirmaster to the first three commenters.

Happy sigh.

And here is part of the Mozart Requiem, as featured in the story.

12 Responses to "Preaching to the Choir"

Super-speedy! Something pretty for you as a reward:

I love Mozart’s Requiem. It’s a fave. Congrats on the book release.

Thank you :).

And yes, I don’t think Mozart’s Requiem can ever be beaten. If I can be morbid for a second, it’s what I’m having at my funeral (since I couldn’t really have it at my wedding).

We had the “funeral music” discussion in my household last night, randomly, and GF beat me to the Vaughn Williams “Fantasia on a piece by Thomas Tallis”. Which just always makes me think of Master and Commander, so not sure how useful that would be at a beloved’s funeral LOL. I’d be like, mmmm ahoy Rusty.

Ohh… this looks good!

Me, please? I’ve been lurking about but I’ve enjoyed your work for a long time now! 🙂

Who is that hottie in your 2nd comment?


I want to purchase a shiny copy of The Choirmaster (sigh, to join my copy of The Business of Pleasure I still haven’t had time to read), but is it currently available anywhere in addition to the Noble site?

Yes, it will be at and AllRomance at some point during the next month or so – I’ll keep you posted.

And the hottie is the delicious Andrew Buchan, whom I have admired since Party Animals (did you see that?) about 3/4 years ago. That’s him in The Sinking of the Laconia – v good, recommended for reasons other than man-lusting alone.

It took me ages to decide on the funeral music – Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis is beautifully sombre and never fails to jerk the tears, but the Mozart has a spiritual dimension that just gives it the edge for me. A kind of ‘look what a human being is capable of creating’ thing.

I’m always delighted to find people who will join me in a bit of music geekage – 2011 is my year of music, I’ve decided.

Brilliant 🙂 Please do!

Music geekery is all good. My next big project will be about my rockstar from my previous pubs, so I’ll be venturing there too…Are you writing something this year for the music themed TEB threesome anthology? I haven’t decided yet — I have too many ideas and can’t decide on one.

I haven’t seen Party Animals or the Laconia yet, but I do appreciate a delicious hottie *googles*

Like I told Sarana who nudged me this way the books sound great. Would like to get ahold of them soon.

Thank you so much for commenting – Saranna is the best cheerleader ever, isn’t she? This one should be on amazon and allromance soon :).

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