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Posted on: January 1, 2011

If I achieve half of what I have planned for this year, I’ll be doing well.

Last year’s doldrums sent me retreating into one of the first places I turn for comfort – music. It hath charms to soothe the savage breast – not that my breast is particularly savage, more oppressed. All the same, the tunes did the trick. Pretty much everything I’ve written over the last few months has a musical theme or connection of some kind, and this tendency shows no sign of abating yet. So 2011 will be a Year of Music for me. Look out for charismatic pianists, strict conductors, passionate opera stars, cuban-heeled tango dancers – they are all on their way.

I have some exciting news to share, as well as some excerpts and a free story – so look in again soon, won’t you? And I hope the hangover isn’t too severe. Less severe than mine, anyway.

8 Responses to "MMXI"

The snow falling on your fireworks is very atmospheric 🙂

Happy new Year to you too.

Thank you! Fireworks in the snow would be pretty cool.

I’ll definitely be looking forward to music stories. I’m a huge fan of sex and music and music as inspiration. Will be waiting anxiously for your good news.

Wishing you HUGE success and much happiness in 2011.


Thank you so much, my dear.

I know 2011 is going to be stellar for you :).

sounds good to me, Justine. I’d listen to more music if I had a better stereo – I’d best put that on my ‘wish list’ – move over, condominium.

My daughter wants to know why I listen to sad music when I’m already sad. I said, “It soothes me.” She didn’t get it and maybe I
don’t, really, either. The music and the lyrics make emotional pain weightless. It doesn’t usually float away for good, but sometimes it does, for a little while.

Or is it simply that misery loves company? maybe I’ll let the musicians answer these questions. I’ll just listen . . .

I completely get that, Madeline – I was always accused of listening to ‘depressing’ music, but the truth was it provided a safe emotional outlet for my own depressed feelings. It wasn’t that the music caused the depression – that would be silly.

I hope you get your new stereo – I can’t cope without music.

Happy New Year, Justine!

Fabulous New Year to you, Annemarie, with many new sales :).

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