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Joy To The World

Posted on: December 19, 2010

Who would like a free book then? Like Scrooge on Christmas morning, I have goodwill to distribute (but no giant turkey). Up for grabs are:
1. On Demand
2. The Business of Pleasure
3. Fairy Tale Lust (edited by Kristina Wright, containing my story Three Times)
4. Passion (edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, containing my story Lingua Franca)

Also – not pictured because they are intangible, ethereal things

5. Master Me (anthology containing my story A Very Personal Trainer)
6. Competitive Nature (menage-themed novella)

If you’d like a little bit of festive smut cheer, just comment below, stating which book you’d prefer to receive. I can’t promise you’ll have them before the 25th, but they might just be ready for the New Year.

Speaking of which – happy holidays, everyone. I’m hoping to have a special free read later on this week, so keep your eyes peeled.
Update 20/12 – All free books have been claimed. I’ll be in touch shortly to organise postage.

6 Responses to "Joy To The World"

Oooo, me, me, me *jumps up and down with hand high in the air* ON DEMAND : D

Oh so yummy! I always enjoy a little menage. Would love to find a copy of Competitive Nature in my Christmas stocking.

Me me me me me!!!! And I’ll be happy with whatever you want to give me.

Ooh, that sounded naughty, too, didn’t it? *g*


I never say no to free books. Me, me, me.

Hard to choose, but Master Me please – I bought your Reindeer Training story, and it was great – will do a review as soon as there is time for such things again!

I would love The Business of Pleasure if it’s not been claimed yet!

happy holidays 🙂

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