The House of Elyot

Rudolph the Red Knows Rain, Dear

Posted on: December 5, 2010

That’s the punchline to a rather dreadful joke. I’m sure you can write the lead-in in your own heads without my input.

But you probably wouldn’t be able to write my new kinky Christmassy long-short (13K words), Reindeer In Training, not unless you were a bloody mind-reader or, for some reason, thought it would be fun to copy it out word-for-word, having bought it.

And if you wanted to buy it in order to copy it out word-for-word, you would need to go to Smashwords, which is where it is available.

Still with me? I hope so. I’m a little distracted these days.

Anyway, Reindeer In Training is my big self-publishing experiment. I wanted to know how easy or difficult it would be, how would I do a cover, would anyone buy it, would it be worth doing? I’ve answered the first two of those questions (fairly easy, take a photo and doctor it in and I await further data on the last couple. You could help me with that data!

Simply go to the story’s page on Smashwords, laugh like a drain at my ridiculous cover for a few moments, then download the opening chapter free! If you like it, you might be persuaded to part with 99 of your hard earned cents.

Just to give you that extra nudge, here is the blurb:

What do kinksters do for Christmas? If they’re anything like Liv and Reuben, it involves harnesses, horsewhips and lots and lots of lubricant. Never mind a red nose, somebody in this house is getting a seriously red bottom.

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