The House of Elyot


Posted on: November 14, 2010

Are you ready to be mastered? If you’re anything like the female protagonists in the Master Me anthology, out tomorrow from Total E-Bound, you’re more than ready for a bit of kink in your life.

(Click through to find details of all six stories.)

With stories by Lisabet Sarai, Trina Lane, Elizabeth Coldwell, Charlotte Stein and Jane Davitt, you can rely on some heat in the offing.

My story is called A Very Personal Trainer – here is a taster for you.

“I can’t just spank you and leave, Lara. Domination and submission creates an intense experience that leads to a bond between the participants. I would be negligent towards you if I didn’t offer a little bit more.”
“A little bit more?”
“Let me put it this way.” He put out a hand and pulled me over to stand in front of him, our knees touching, mine shivering, his firm. “Are you wet, Lara?”
I drew in a breath, colouring to the same red as my bottom. I could not meet his eyes, but eventually I nodded.
“Look at me,” he said. The softness of his voice hid an edge of true steel. I dragged my eyes from my feet. “Tell me, Lara.”
“Yes,” I whispered.
“Good. I need to test your obedience now, Lara. You can say no, but if you do, I will leave now and we will speak no more of this. Put your hand down inside your knickers.”
The calm way he delivered the order sent further floods of wetness to stain the already damp cotton of my leggings. In a kind of spell, or dream, I held my mouth open, tried to keep breathing, did as I was told.
“Good girl,” he said gently, waiting for my fingers to settle between my gushing lips, watching the outline of my knuckles stretching the fabric. “What do you feel there?”
“I feel…wet.” I wanted to add ‘Sir’ but felt too self-conscious initially – but then I figured that he would love it if I did, so I bit my lip, looked him full in the eye and said, “Very wet, Sir.”
His cheek muscles flickered; a smile of pleasure was being tactically suppressed.
“Why do you think that is?” he asked.
“I…don’t know.” I knew he wouldn’t accept this cop out, but I needed a moment to compose the words into a combination that wasn’t too mortifying.
“Of course you know, Lara. I must have an answer or I will have to punish you again.”
Oh God, those words. I pressed a fingertip to my clit; it was swollen and it throbbed with need.
“Because…I get aroused…by submitting to you, Sir.”
He tilted his head forward, acknowledging the truth of my answer.
“And what does that make you?” he asked lightly.
I swallowed, fingering my clit more urgently now.
“It makes me…I don’t know…a bad girl, Sir?”
“That’s right. It makes you a bad girl, Lara. Now I want you to stand there and finger yourself until you come. And while you do it, I want you to look me in the eye. And when you come, I want to hear you say my name.”
A keen mélange of shame and excitement and unbearable desire held me in my tracks for a second or two. Then I began to rub and circle, to flick and flutter, watching him watching me, knowing that he registered every twitch and flush, knowing that he could see me lose my grip on myself inch by dirty inch, knowing that he saw what I was, reduced to my basest essence, brazenly bringing myself off under his command.
I wanted so badly to shut my eyes when the first sticky swirl of orgasm began at the pit of my stomach. I had to fight to keep the eyelids up, had to arm myself with some of his icy blue artillery and imagine the fearsome punishment I might earn for disobeying him in this regard. But once the climax blew through me, I forgot to care, and my eyelids flew wide and my eyes stared out in desperation while I panted and whimpered to the conclusion, remembering at the last minute to say the word.
“Dexter. Oh thank you, Dexter.”
“My pleasure,” he said, taking my wrists and bringing me to sit, gratefully floppy, on his lap. “Or rather, mostly your pleasure. But we’ll rectify that another time.” He stroked my hair, which was clinging to my forehead. “Good girl, Lara,” he said into the crown of my head. “This could be a very…mutually beneficial arrangement. You know I have high standards, and high expectations of you now. Please don’t let me down.”
Please don’t let me down.

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