The House of Elyot

It’s A Competitive World

Posted on: November 1, 2010

Everything counts in large amounts.

And there are large amounts of all kinds of things – primarily sexy things – in my first ever release from the wonderful folks at Total E-Bound.

Competitive Nature is also my first published novella-length story. It’s first in all sorts of ways, which seems rather fitting, given the title.

I’ll give you the premise and, if that appeals, you can head down to Total E-Bound’s site, where they have a hot excerpt just waiting for your attention, steaming gently.

“They competed against each other at school, but now that they are all grown-up and free to express their feelings of attraction, can three old friends turn competition into co-operation?

Elyssa, Jay and Patrick spent their school years in friendly but fierce competition with each other before drifting apart as adults. A reunion brings them back into each other’s orbits, forcing them to acknowledge the old regrets and attractions they had thought long-buried.

Now the two men are in competition again—but this time it is for Elyssa’s heart, body and soul. Will the best man win? Or is there a third way that will suit them all?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of ménage sex and references to Oasis and Scrabble.”

For further information, just clickety-click.

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