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Mojo Sauce

Posted on: October 29, 2010

I’ve been in Spain, specifically the southerly outposts of the Canary Islands, soaking up the sun and looking for my mojo. I found it in a dish – a speciality of local cuisine is the Canarian potato, baked and served in its shrivelled, salt-rubbed jacket with mojo sauce, which can be either red or green, but is fiercely redolent of garlic in either case. Look, here it is:

Heat and indolence are wonderful stimulants of the erotic imagination – expect some bearded Spaniards to be turning up in a story soon.

One serious disappointment of my trip was the Gatwick airport branch of WH Smiths. Despite a substantial erotica section, there was no sign of any copies of The Business of Pleasure (though plenty of The Initiation of Ms Holly). As I live beyond the back of beyond, miles from any indecent bookshop, I very rarely get the chance to see my works in the wild, so this was a major blow.

I thought, then, that I might offer a free copy of Business to the first kind reader able to send me a photograph of it on an actual retail shelf. Send your snaps to I would be ever so, ever so grateful, I promise.

3 Responses to "Mojo Sauce"

ahhh..welcome back then!!!

and mojo back or forth..i LOVE

I had a very spicy time altogether ;). Thanks for the welcome.

Oh, that food looks good! Hope you had a lovely time!

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