The House of Elyot

It’s Been A Pleasure

Posted on: September 26, 2010

Last appetiser from The Business of Pleasure for a little while – but look out for upcoming competitions at other blogs, which I’ll flag up as they happen.

Walking up the final flight of stairs, she had smoothed her skirt down over her thighs, feeling the telltale bump of the stocking snaps beneath the silk-lined wool. Bryant’s phrase had stayed with her – ‘the suggestion of wantonness’ – and she hoped she had captured the effect. The skirt was a dark red tartan with golden thread in the pattern; the stockings were seamed but nude; the shoes were black high-heeled slingbacks; the shirt was white silk, two buttons undone at the top. Was it a mistake to wear knickers? If so, she would have to accept the consequences – for she was wearing her favourite red and black lingerie set from the expensive knicker shop down the street. The black and red meant that the bra was plainly visible through the gossamer-thin blouse – perhaps a bit more than a suggestion of wantonness there. But somehow she doubted her employers would mind. Leeway might not be given in the other direction, though, and she hadn’t bought a pair of tights since that fateful day in the forest.
Naturally, she was nervous – as anyone on their first day in a new job might be – but she was also excited. The lace stocking-tops rubbing together beneath the tight skirt might have been having an effect as well. Stopping to compose herself at the door, she realised that her nipples were pressing against the lacy confines of her bra. She took out her mirror compact, checked that her make-up was just that crucial bit overdone and tarty, and knocked on the door.
‘Enter.’ Both voices, dark and light, in shiver-inducing harmony.
She grasped the handle with both hands and turned it, standing in the doorway for a moment to assess how best to reach their twin desks, set at diagonal angles to each other, without tripping on the carpet fibres. The morning sunlight streamed in through the window, catching the imposing pair, who had stood to receive their new handmaiden, in its radiant beams.
‘Good morning, Charlotte.’ Collins was the first to speak. ‘Are you going to stand in the doorway all day?’
She took a hesitant step forward, but he shook his head and frowned, tutting slightly, making a downward motion with one hand.
‘Hands and knees, Charlotte,’ he instructed.
‘Oh!’ She covered her mouth with her hand, feeling dizzy and giggly. They really were going to continue with this dynamic, even in the office. How…interesting. Wondering if it would be possible to sustain total submission over the course of a working day, Charlotte dropped to her knees, thankful for the embracing plush of the carpet. She moved forward, unable to look her bosses in the eye, moving between chair legs and pot plants until she reached the desk interface, at the apex of which her new colleagues stood, side by side, smiling down at her if she had but known, though she imagined them to be stony-faced.
‘Up,’ said Bryant gently, and she perched up on her knees, back straight and shoulders back, breathing a little unevenly. She felt Bryant’s hand cup her chin and lift her head up so that she was looking up his long torso to the overhang of his head, right into his clear blue eyes.
‘Make-up is good,’ he said, but to Collins, not to her. ‘Nice shade of lipstick. What’s it called, Charlotte?’
They chuckled in unison. ‘How perfectly appropriate,’ approved Collins. ‘Charlotte the harlot. It’s the very shade that always looks so good around a cock. Don’t you think?’
‘I certainly do,’ replied Bryant. ‘Good girl. You may stand, for the rest of the inspection.’

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Thanks for all of your ideas. Keep walking, I will alway stay here.

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