The House of Elyot

Doing the Business

Posted on: September 24, 2010

Another little snatch of the day for you from The Business of Pleasurenow available in the Antipodes.

Justus was appreciative of my disinhibition; he threw off his suit jacket, slipped out of his shoes and hurled himself over me, crouching with his knees outside my hips, his tie swinging over my face, his teeth flashing predatory intent from a great height. He was so big and so beautiful, I just wanted to strip him down and feast on him while I could. I clutched at his belt and he clamped a hand down over mine.
‘In a hurry?’ he enquired.
‘Yes, I’m in a hurry. I’ve been in the desert and you’re the biggest, coolest drink of water I could ever have dreamed.’
‘That’s nice, Naomi. But we’ve got all night.’
‘Don’t make me wait.’
‘The journey is the best part. Don’t you think? Reaching the destination can be overrated. Let’s have a good, long journey. First class. Great service. Great views.’
‘Take off your clothes!’ I yelped, tormented by the way his finger was travelling down my stomach to the elasticated border of the only garment I now sported. I wanted him to rip them off, to wrench my thighs apart and dive, clothes flying from him, into my canyon. Finally I understood the ridiculousness of my long abstinence; finally I knew what I had been missing. To make up for all those years, I would have to drain this poor man dry, to have him take up residence between my legs for the indefinite future, to have his cock lodged within me morning, noon and night. Oh, that would be fine. In the cab home, in the supermarket, cooking the dinner, with Justus joined to me at the groin. I could live like that. If only I could get him to take off his suit and fuck me in the first place.

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