The House of Elyot

Take Pleasure

Posted on: September 22, 2010

If, like me, you are still waiting for your copy of The Business of Pleasure, I have something to tide you over while you hunger and thirst (or, more likely, occupy yourself productively).

Little bit of flagellation tonight. You know it makes sense.

‘I’m sure we won’t be needing this.’ She felt the hook and eye fly apart, the zip slice down, the slippery lining of her skirt slide slowly over her hips, then thighs, then tickle the backs of her knees before landing in a heap around her ankles. She was naked from the waist down, and there was no way she could do anything about it. The white moons of her bottom would be seen by any off-the-beaten-path rambler with dogs or binoculars and, once Bryant had encouraged her to spread her legs a little by slipping a hand between her thighs and tapping at her spreading pussy lips, so would her unprotected sex. There was no way around it. She, Charlotte Steele, was a horny little slut who needed a good switching from a man who was not afraid to lay it on hard.
But how hard would he lay it on? Charlotte bit her lip, tensing everything in anticipation of Bryant’s opening strike. She flinched and squealed at the sudden touch of the rod, but it was not a hard stroke – not a stroke at all, and she cursed herself for expending vital energy on a little introductory tap. He continued to brush it over her bottom, down her thighs to her knees, then up again, prodding between the sensitive lower lips, jiggling the wand a little, getting it up nice and high until the tip was sodden with her immoderate leakages.
‘You look perfect,’ Bryant told her. ‘My damsel in distress, lashed to the tree, writhing and naked. If only I were the hero instead of the villain, eh? If only I was here to save you…instead of…’
The switch sliced the air and a row of firecrackers lit and danced on Charlotte’s behind. She moaned and wrenched at the tights around her wrists.
‘Ahhh,’ Bryant exhaled with satisfaction. ‘How did that feel, Charlotte?’
‘Like fire,’ said Charlotte, when she could speak. ‘It burns.’
‘Mmm, a lasting burn. I don’t know how many to give you, sweetness. How many do you think you could take?’
‘I…don’t really know. It hurts a lot. Maybe…six.’

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