The House of Elyot

Business or Pleasure

Posted on: September 20, 2010

It’s officially Release Day now. You may have taken a peek at the Xcite page for The Business of Pleasure, and you might even have looked at the free excerpt there.

Before I post another little taste bud titillator, I want to explain that, while the page describes it as an ‘erotic novel’, it is rather more in the style of On Demand, readers of which will remember as a series of vignettes and linked stories, tied together by a common theme and narrative strand that pops up at different points in the book.

Similarly, BOP contains the story of Charlotte and her evolving relationship with the two owners of the mysterious pleasure-giving agency, but her tale is interspersed with stand-alone scenes depicting some of the lengths the agency will go to to give the clients that unique and unforgettable experience. So it can only be quite loosely described as a novel – I just wanted to make sure people knew what they were getting.

I should also point out that it is not erotic romance. It is erotica with a few romantic elements here and there.

That said, here is a snippet.

‘Such an inventive and interesting fantasy you sent us,’ he said warmly. ‘I could not resist it. It took a while to find the perfect venue, but I hope you will not be disappointed. I have hired some people from the very best sources – some will participate, others will merely observe. All are clean and discreet, though naturally, sensible precautions will be observed. I wonder if you would be able, at this point, to give me an idea of the number of participants you might like?’
I blinked. He was asking me how many men I wanted to be fucked by. In the nicest possible way.
‘Well…I’m not sure…if I say a number now, would I be able to add to it later…if I still wanted to?’
‘Yes, of course. Conversely, you are, of course, free to stop the action at any time. You understand, however, that I would not be able to offer a refund, should you find the reality less palatable than the fantasy. I am paying for hire of the space, as well as a number of people tonight.’
‘Oh yes, of course, I’m sure you’ve gone to a lot of trouble,’ I assured him, a little in awe of this old-fashioned and stern-looking man. ‘It’s…a very interesting job you’ve got.’
He inclined his head. ‘Interesting, yes. You haven’t answered my question.’
‘Oh! Shall I say…three? To start off with?’
‘Three is a very good number. I have ten at your disposal, depending on how the night proceeds. On one occasion, ten was not enough for the lady in question, and I had to ring out for more.’
I laughed, stunned. At the back of my mind had always been the nagging idea that I was a freak, alone in my disgusting desires. Evidently not.
‘Well…I think ten would be perfectly sufficient! More than enough!’
He smiled, rather charmingly. ‘Good,’ he said. ‘Shall we?’
He rose to his feet, offering me an arm.

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