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The Business of Pleasure is all mine

Posted on: September 19, 2010

It’s Release Day Eve, and The Business of Pleasure is already available on the Xcite website – have a look here – it’s true!

Furthermore, there is a free excerpt to help you decide whether this book is kinkymalinky enough for you (and if it isn’t, you have my awed respect).

Even furtherermore, overseas readers can purchase from their local Xcite site and receive a copy without paying shipping costs.

Look here if you’re in the US/Canada and here if you’re in Australia/New Zealand.

If you’re still undecided, drop by every night this week, when I’ll have a selection of appetisers from the book for you to sample.

2 Responses to "The Business of Pleasure is all mine"

I seriously doubt that the (Business of) Pleasure will be *all* yours, JE! ; )

Big congrats! And what a delightful announcement post—I loved the title and the “even furtherermore”!

Thank you so much – I really hope the pleasure *isn’t *all mine actually! That wouldn’t do at all.

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