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Britain’s Number Oooone!

Posted on: September 5, 2010

Most people in the UK of my vintage will remember listening to the Top 40 on Radio One of a Sunday night, hearing the countdown from 40 to 2, and then, the moment of gloriousness, a little burst of song – ‘Britain’s Number Oooone’ – introducing some atrocity like Jive Bunny or Robson & Jerome at the top spot.

In fact, do they still do that? It’s so long since I listened to the Top 40 show – perhaps they do.

Anyway, all this is building up to the strange, almost unbelievable, fact that On Demand spent a good part of yesterday at #1 in the Erotica Chart at Not only that, it is also pretty high up in the Adult & Contemporary Romance chart, alongside luminaries such as Marian Keyes and Nora Roberts.

I’m baffled, really. But in a good way. More of that bafflement would be most acceptable.

Unlike Jive Bunny.

1 Response to "Britain’s Number Oooone!"

That is so awesome, JB—I mean JE! Way to go!

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